[TN-Bird] Action Alert - Stop Mountaintop Mining

  • From: Melinda Welton <weltonmj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: tnbird <tn-bird@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 15:28:25 -0500

Dear all
Please take just a minute and call these three State Senators and tell them
that you would like them to support the Scenic Vistas Protection Act that
would stop the practice of mountaintop mining in Tennessee. The vote could
happen as early as tomorrow morning.
* Senator Steve Southerland, Committee Chair    615-741-3851
* Senator Jamie Woodson, Speaker Pro Tempore   615-741-1648
* Senator Jack Johnson   615-741-2495  sen.jack.johnson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mountaintop mining from the Cumberland Mountains of TN into West Virginia is
one of the biggest threats to the rapidly declining Cerulean Warbler. This
bird is declining faster than any other eastern songbird and it reaches its
highest densities and has higher reproductive success in the Cumberland
Mountains of Tennessee than anywhere in its range.

Apparently, the fate of this legislation hangs on ONE vote in the Science
Committee and if it gets out of the Science Committee it has a very good
chance of passing.

There are 9 members of the Senate Environment Committee, so 5 ³yes² votes
are required to pass the bill out to the full Senate.  Right now, there are
4 solid ³YES² votes and two likely ³NO² votes.  That leaves 3 committee
members who either say they have not decided or who haven¹t gone on record
yet.  These three senators are key to the outcome of this bill.

If you love mountains and Cerulean Warblers and the other forest nesting
bird, please contact these 3 state legislators RIGHT NOW and urge them to
SUPPORT the Scenic Vista Act. The vote is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

I just called all 3 Senators and got a warm reception from the folks who
answered the phone. They say they are getting a lot of calls in favor of
this legislation.

Melinda Welton
Tennessee Ornithological Society
Conservation Policy Co-chair
Franklin, TN

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