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February 8th, 2010.
Conservation Action Alert - Tennessee Birders:

Subject: Restoring the Real Estate Transfer Fund in 2010.

Action: Send an e-mail or letter to Governor Bredesen thanking him for fully 
restoring the RET Funds in his proposed 2010 state budget. Please copy the 
chairs of the Tennessee Senate and House Finance Committees.

Governor Bredesen: 
Tennessee State Capitol
Nashville, Tn 37243-0001
E-mail - Phil.Bredesen@xxxxxx

Senator Randy McNally
Finance, Ways and Means Chairman
301 6th Avenue North
Suite 307 War Memorial Building
Nashville, Tn 37243
E-mail - sen.randy.mcnally@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Representative Craig Fitzhugh
Finance, Ways and Mean Chairman
301 6th Avenue North
Suite 33 Legislative Plaza
Nashville, Tn 37243
E-mail: rep.craig.fitzhugh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Background: Since 1991, every time a piece of real estate changes hands in 
Tennessee, a small fee has been contributed to a fund that has purchased 
240,000 acres of some of the most beautiful and valuable wildlife and 
recreational land across the state. Unfortunately, for the last two years these 
funds have been diverted to the states' general fund. The loss of these 
dedicated funds made Tennessee ineligible for additional matching federal 
dollars. The Governor is proposing to fully restore these funds to their 
original purpose.

Please take a moment to make your opinion known. Also, please copy the 
Conservation Policy Committee (ConsPolComm@xxxxxxxxxxx). They will be following 
the issue as it makes it's way through the legislative process. Anyone who 
desires additional information, please contact me.

Good Birding
Dick Preston
President, TOS
261 Sassafras Circle
Munford, Tn 38058
Tipton County

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