[TN-Bird] 3 nuthatch day on the Cumberland Plateau + B. Eagle, Merlin, Cranes, etc.

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  • Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 18:40:01 -0600

This morning (March 4, 2010) I found 2 Brown-headed Nuthatches in northeast 
Van Buren County off Rt. 285 in the Big Bottom Unit of Bridgestone Firestone 
Centennial Wilderness WMA. It's mostly upland cutover that was replanted in 
Loblolly Pines and is being managed by TWRA using controlled burns. There 
are several groves of tall loblollies, so I thought I'd give a try with my 
iPod. The nuthatches responded right away. These are the first I've found on 
the Cumberland Plateau. There's a lot more in the area that I need to check 
out this spring, and congrats to TWRA for managing the area.

Earlier in the day, my iPod and I checked out a White Pine grove at the 
intersection of Rt. 101 and 285 in northern Bledsoe County, and we promptly 
called in a Red-breasted Nuthatch.

Even earlier in the morning as I was driving past The Pond That Never Has 
Anything near my house in southern Cumberland County, I noticed an adult 
Bald Eagle flying around and landing on the shore. Now it's The Pond That 
Once Had an Eagle.

Other delights of the day were a Merlin on a fence post beside Rt. 101 in 
northern Bledsoe County, a skunk feeding in mid-day by the road (no, it 
wasn't rabid--that's an urban legend [as opposed to a rural legend]) near 
The Pond That Once Had an Eagle, about 450 Sandhill Cranes feeding in the 
fields and pastures at the U. T. Grasslands Unit near Lake Tansi in 
Cumberland County, and 2 woodcocks displaying in front of my house this 

Ed LeGrand
Crossville/Cumberland Co., TN 

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