[tmp] Podcasts: Enable your Book player or Talking Mp3 Player to use Bluetooth & What is a Talking Mp3 Player + Weekly Deal Info

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Hi all,

Want to know how to use your Victor Stream, BookSense, BookPort,
Plextalk Pocket, NLS player, any other book player or Talking Mp3
Player with Bluetooth headphones, speakers, through a stereo system,

Here's our new podcast on the Miccus Bluetooth devices we offer and
how to use them as a blind or vision-impaired person to enable any
book player or other non-Bluetooth audio device to use Bluetooth:

Want to know more about what a Talking MP3 Player is, what it sounds
like, and all it can do? Find out by listening to or downloading our
in-depth Introduction to Talking MP3 Players, in which I introduce you
to them starting from describing the player to demonstrating some of
the many features and answering some of the most frequently asked

This weeks deals:

We have a new selection of Bluetooth Headsets available to which we
added another, Avantree Hive, just last night that we think you'll
really enjoy, it has a detachable cable so it can also be used without
Bluetooth and we really like the sound!

This week we have these and all of our Bluetooth accessories that you
can use with your Book Player, Talking MP3 Player and other media
devices available with special price breaks and Brand New Talking
Sansa Clip Zips discounted as low as $79.99! We have the Miccus
Bluetooth Transmitter jack (which enables your player to use
Bluetooth), we also have it's companion product a Bluetooth Receiver
jack (Miccus Mini-jack RX) that you can connect to any headphones,
speakers, home or car stereo system etc, and enable it to receive
Bluetooth signals. We also carry the Miccus Home RTX with which you
can transmit or receive stereo music from up to 150 feet away
featuring Bluetooth Wireless Technology! See details on our
accessories page: http://www.talkingmp3players.com/accessories.html

Not only are these products discounted $5 to $10 off their regular
prices but on top of that if you buy any two of these Bluetooth
devices you get $10 off of your order.

Talking Sansa Clip Zip players are discounted to $95.99 for 8GB
players and $79.99 for the 4GB and special deals on all our new
Bluetooth devices. Get these deals on our Specials page:
http://www.talkingmp3players.com/specials.html and accessories page:

As always we have free shipping in the US and discounted International
Priority mail!

We have a clearance page where you can get great deals on discontinued
and overstocked items: http://www.talkingmp3players.com/clearance.html
Currently we have big discounts on cases for E200 Series players and
Sansa Fuze Players. Also on this page we currently have one Talking
Sansa Clip Zip 4GB recertified player left with a very low price and 1
year warranty! Note that the accessories on the clearance page are for
older players, not the Sansa Clip Plus or Clip Zip players.

All players come with earphones, USB cable, free friendly tech
support, our new audio tutorials, free shipping in the US and greatly
discounted quality international shipping and 1-year replacement
warranty! http://www.talkingmp3players.com/specials.html

Get 6 months to pay with No Interest on orders over $99 when you check
out with PayPal and choose Bill Me Later!(subject to credit approval)

This special ends on Thursday March 20th, so hurry and place your
order! http://www.talkingmp3players.com/specials.html

Since 2009, we've been producing feature packed Sansa Talking MP3
Players which we've set up to enable anyone to use them without
needing to glance at the screen or needing assistance. Our Talking MP3
Players are the most cost-effective solution for playing your
unprotected audio files and have expandable memory up to 64GB of extra
storage. No music management software needed. Our players arrive fully
set up and speaking out of the box with a very-pleasant voice, and you
can use the included program and audio instructions to enable the
speaking of your own folders and files. Plus we provide free friendly
tech support! Our players are not klunky to use and they actually do
what we claim, no misleading statements, exaggerations, or

Shipping is free in the US, and discounted on Canadian and
international orders. To avoid any delays when placing orders with a
destination outside the US, please be sure to select the appropriate
international shipping method on the checkout page and find out what
constitutes a larger international order and which shipping method to
choose for such on the shopping cart page

All prices are in US dollars. We accept major credit cards and PayPal
on line, or you can call 727-498-0121 or Skype lazmesa to place your
credit card order or have a Paypal payment request sent to you.

Your questions are always welcome.

All the best!

Laz Mesa
Accessible Electronics
The home of the affordable Talking MP3 Players!
Based in the US

Talking MP3 Players with stereo FM radio, voice recording, and
expandible memory! Priced under $100, plus free shipping in the US!

Listen to our Introduction to Talking MP3 Players:

See our current special:

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as the subject to:

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Skype: lazmesa
Phone: 727 498-0121
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