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The death toll is 56 as of Feb 28 when this article was written. Unlike the other articles, this one lists each victim and the reported curcunstances at the time of the crash.

I noted the following:

1) most of the reports of sudden acceleration happen when the driver is not accelerating the vehicle. A stuck pedal would act like cruise control, wouldn't it? The sudden ACCELERATION is most striking to me. The driver would have had to press the pedal down much farther to induce that degree of acceleration.

2) quite a few incidents have happened to vehicles not being recalled

3). some incidents happened to vehicles as old as 1996 (the incidents got reported due to the recent rash of complaints. So, unless Toyota went leadfree much earlier than has been reported on their corporate website, tin whiskers cannot be the explanation for all these in incidents. Some, perhaps, but not all. It is more likely there are many causes for these accidents.

4) many reports indicate problems in braking inability to put the transmission in neutral. I am more familiar with aviation accidents (we make a product for the avaition industry) and it is common there to require 3 failures of separate systems (including crew behavior) to result in a crash. What appears to happen in the Toyota cases is acceleration, failed brake and/or inability to shift into neutral.

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