[thinkpad] Thinkpad 600 boot hangup

  • From: Magne Flåten <magnefl@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thinkpad@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 15:22:48 +0100

My IBM Thinkpad 600 (Type 2645-310) stops and hang during bootup.
What happens is:
1. LED test, then green Power on and orange battery/charging, this is normal.

3. RAM OK (Responds when I take out /put in different amount of RAM and displays correct accordingly. I have 128 + 32 optional, + 32 internal not possible to take out)

2. I can hear fan, CD drive and evt diskette drive. If I use diskette drive the LED there will give 1 blink, if I use CD drive that will give 14 blink.

3. No cursor seen, but this is displayed:
Upper left show the amount of RAM present: 196032 KB OK
Upper right IBMs logo in blue; IBM
Lower left shows "ThinkPad(R)" in large letters and red dot over "i".

4. Then a "rrrrrr" sound from the loudspeakers after a while, this is in fact 28 clicks shortly after each other. Then nothing more happens. No beep. (But I will have two beeps if I take out the backup battery before starting, and two error codes to inform me that I must put in battery and reset date and time).

Diskette and CD drive is OK (But can not be used because bootup is never finished). I can hear CD speed up and then down again but nothing more happens.

No effect in booting with bootable diskette or CD, "Live Linux" CD or else.

Backup battery OK (3V) and if I take it out I will be asked for correct date and time when Power on. I can then use keyboard or TrackPoint to set date and time, and after that hangup at the usual point.

Starting without battery, HDD, CD drive and removable memory sticks makes no difference in symptoms.

Pressing and holding F1 before and during poweron and startup (in order to enter BIOS and selftest) has no effect.

If I connect a external screen, this will show the same as the internal.

I could not find help on IBMs home page, but maybe I did not look at the right place.

Is somebody able to help me?

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