[THIN] Re: there is no citrix ssl server configured on the specified address

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  • Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 22:17:06 +0800

I've seen this problem when the CAG settings are not setup correctly, or
when a firewall is not configured correctly. Since your CAG has a leg on
the internal network, I am assuming that it's a CAG issue. In the Access
Suite Console, right click on Gateway Appliances and Edit the properties.
Make sure this is all setup correctly (STA and ICA access) and that users
are not being blocked from accessing the servers.


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Hi group,

I've searched but didn't find an answer in archives.

Some of my users experience the subject error. Most of them are behind
their corporate proxies. This error also shows up for users if they are
in the DMZ. Basically users log in to NavUI but get this error when
launching the published app.


Citrix PS4, AAC and AG 4.2. SSL cert, AG has one interface in DMZ and
one in trusted network. All other users are fine (Home DSL or no proxy).

Can someone please shed some light on what settings can help solving

Any help is really appreciated.


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