[THIN] Re: testing thinprint

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  • Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 10:28:09 +0000

I have heard Screwdrivers was better than Thinprint but I have never used 

Carl Webster
Consultant and Citrix Technology Professional

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Alan Tropper
Subject: [THIN] testing thinprint

Hi All,

Im currently testing thinprint with mixed results as was hoping compression 
would be a little better with PDFs and PPT documents, we have some regional 
slower links that don't have branch repeaters so was hoping this product would 
greatly help us in the fight against printers.

It does seem to do half the job I want with driver free printing for citrix but 
also does seem to have some bugs of their own, I heard they were the best 3rd 
party app as I know there are a few out there and was just after other peoples 
experiences with thinprint, tricerat and uniprint?

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