[THIN] Re: slowness in PS4

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Jason,  what are your hardware specs?  Blades?


Brian S. Claus A+, Network+, MCSE


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We dont have any Anti-virus running on the citrix boxes

On 9/18/07, ananth padmanabham <isap004@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

Hi Jason,


Stop the anti virus on Citrix servers and file server where profiles are
stored., then ask user to relogin and check the time. 



Jason Patten <jasoncitrix@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:

        A bit more info, when the user reports slowness usually they
have around 15-30seconds of normal response, then the session seems to
either freeze or respond extemely slowly for up to 2 minutes, and then
release, catch up and start going slow again 
        This is only happening on the Ps4 farm, the same user at the
same workstation can then log into the older XP farm and not have any
        Also this for a relatively small number of users, less than 1%
of our user base 

        On 9/13/07, Jason Patten <jasoncitrix@xxxxxxxxx > wrote: 

        No its not all users.
        I can try clearing the profile, but any reason why that would do
the trick?  I admit at the moment Im not seeing why 


        On 9/13/07, deheugden < deheugden@xxxxxxxxx
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        the slowness happens to all users?did you test with a new
user?maybe a new profile might solve the problem(although deleting 100
profiles isnt a solution). 

        2007/9/13, Jason Patten <jasoncitrix@xxxxxxxxx>: 

                Using web client exclusively.  And I have actually
turned off caching due to some earlier testing showing that performance
improved after that. 
                below is the template ICA file 
                WinStationDriver=ICA 3.0
                ZLMouseMode =0 
                DriverNameWin16= pdc0w.dll 
                DriverNameWin16= pdc56w.dll
                DriverNameWin16= pdc128w.dll


                On 9/13/07, andy mac < a_r_mc789@xxxxxxxxx
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                are you using 'disk cache for bitmaps' on your program
neighbourhood clients ? 


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                Yes the App was tested, and its scattered clients, not
universal, but for the users that it is happening too I can not find
anything. In most cases ping times are low, below 100.  
                Usually the slowness manifests itself in keyboard /
mouse latency and screen redraws.  

                On 9/12/07, Medeiros, Jim <
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                Did you test the apps on Win2k3?  


                Thank you, 




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                Question, why would users expirence "painfully slow"
connection after moving from MF XP to PS4?   The hardware is the same,
and the servers are not stressed as far as capacity.   The XP farm has
windows 2k and the PS4 farm is running win2k3.  Client is 32bit web
client Version 10.0.
                 However users report that after we moved them over the
applications (same app as the XP ) is painfully slow.  


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