[THIN] printer policies

  • From: "Hamilton, Ronnie" <ronnie.hamilton@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 12:17:30 +0100

Can you confirm if what my thinking is correct.
I have two printer policies:
1. Deny auto creation of any local printers
2. Allow auto creation of default printer.
I have an AD group set to allow on policy 1 and the same AD group to
Deny on policy 2.
This is fine and works as I expect. i.e. if the use is in the group it
does not auto create their printer and if the are not in the group it
does not.
My issue is however my user when they log on at there desk to a
published desktop they have their default printer \\net01_pr. again OK.
If I want that user to be able to map their default printer from home
when they are using this from home again on a published desktop I leave
them out of the group. again OK.
but when that user comes back into the office and loges into their
published desktop, they hold the home default printer.
I take it when Citrix maps the default printer into a session that's it
set as default for good it is not session specific?
As we do not control auto mapping of users printers when there on the
domain. i.e. the user controls which printer they connect to and set as
Problem is when the MD goes home he gets his default home printer and
then has to change when he's back in the office which he's not too happy
any ideas ? pointers tricks I'm missing.

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