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True - but sometimes the punter wants to use PCAnywhere to go to another
site to allow support for instance (maybe they're a software house and
they're doing some update maintenance) - because that's *always* how they've
done remote support . They don't want PCAnywhere to be supported on a
standalone desktop for a whole host of reasons (they don't want to buy a PC,
they've already got a TS services running on the box, they want their
developers to work from home and be able to moderate from a single instance


Ideally you look to re-evaluate how remote support is provisioned and
managed - but that all takes time - and in the  meantime you're left with
sorting something else.



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Why would you need PC anywhere?  RDP works fine.




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I have been trying to avoid this one on the new implementation of XenApp 4.5
on 2k3, but I am getting overruled.


We do have been running  PcAnywhere on our old farm but it is very grainy
and I was hoping that the one person in the company that actually uses it
would be just given a Vista PC but I'm being pushed to Install and test it
in our new environment.


Has anyone had any good experiences?


Or pointers to documents to say that it shouldn't be done.








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