[THIN] offline printers in session

  • From: Jason CitrixADmin <jasoncitrix@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015 09:47:03 -0500

I have run across an odd situation.  I believe I have posted on this
before, but have come up with more information about it.

I have several clients that will print from within their session to the
client mapped printers and then the printer will go "Offline" on the
server.  On the client machine the printer is fine, but within their
session the printer shows as offline and print jobs queue up.  As soon as
the log out and back in they can print again.  I have been told that it
only happens if they "print a lot" but I have not been able to find a
threshold for "lot of printing."  These clients are using a variety of
printers from HP laserJets to Canon UFRII printers.  They had no issues
till they upgraded their machines to 64bit machines.   At one location the
users that are running 64bit machines have this issue, but the one person
with a 32 bit machine have no problem.  They are running version 13 of the
Web client on the client side, but I have in the course of trouble-shooting
tried everything from version 10.2 to the latest receiver version and saw
no difference.  Is there any idea why this would start occurring after the
update to a 64 bit OS on the client side?  Additionally in some cases the
users have the Universal driver and in some they are mapped to a LaserJet 4
driver and there is no difference.

Thank you

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