[THIN] Re: new Dell 1650 questions?

  • From: Barry Flanagan <barry.flanagan@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 12:20:15 -0500

*       Subject: [THIN] Re: new Dell 1650 questions? > 
*       > BTW, has anyone priced out QikDrives and Qik Cache from 
*       > Platypus Technologies lately. Their Solid State drives can 
*       > greatly improves performance and scalability, but the last 
*       > time I looked they were incredibly expensive. 
*       I've not priced them, but I did do a fair amount of evaluation and
performance testing of these solid state devices, compared with hardware
RAID volume pagefiles. I'm not about to publish results, publicly, for
particular vendors products - don't think it would be fair. What I would
say, is that outside of using other products to reduce paging as much as
possible, my recommendation (on balance) would be a good hardware RAID
implementation for pagefile volumes (unless you are talking about monster
size servers - ie not necessarily terminal server implementations).
Uncannily enough, there was a debate, some time ago, here, regarding the
usage of hardware RAID on terminal servers - at the time, some contributors
behaved like it was an outrageous, unnecessary, and over-the-top, practice
to use hardware RAID, on terminal server. 
*       Neil 

I think the cost /benefit of RAID controllers and managing disk performance
exceeds the cost/benefits of buying the fast CPU available. The latest and
greatest CPU always has a substantial price premium. I have seen
substantial DISK bottlenecks in 4 different customers in the last few
months. All had very low CPU utilization and lots of free memory, and still
had poor performance and scalability. Upgrading the DISK subsystems improved
performance and scalability in every instance. 


Barry Flanagan

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