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  • Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 09:07:21 +0800

Ever been stuck in a server room all weekend wondering "what the hell am I 
doing in I.T."....Am I better off as an icecream salesmans with a beach side 
After spending 3hours trying to load a scsi raid driver for a NT4 tse install 
because I wasn't pressing F6 at the right time I proceeded with my install. 
(thanks to the group).
Building two servers the NT install Bluescreens at the very end of the 
install........after your windows configuration section.  The exact failure on 
one server was at an "installing printer drivers" section. Bluescreens with a 
Stop 0x0A errors IRQL_NOY_LESS_OR_EQUAL****.  I have found a couple of articles 
165863 and followed resolution tips like disabling caching, disable sync 
negotiation and scsi controlers...check the hcl for raid and diskdrives.  No 
I cannot install NT4.0 TSE sp3 onto an intel server (phoenix bios 4.0 
rls6.0)...with adaptec Array1000ua Raid controller(BIOS 4.20.23) using 18GB 
seagate cheeta SCSI HDDs.  Anybody  ??
Adaptec Aic 7896 SCSI controller (Bios v2.20.s1b1)
PS 9GB hard dont work either.
Tom Flanagan
IT Network Administrator
Kailis & France Foods
Ph: +61 8 9273 6281
Mob: 0408 927 247
email: tom.flanagan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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