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I had this before and had to go into my DC and Computer management.  Look
for Shared Folders and then Open Files.  In there I found the user who was
having problems and closed the files they had opened.  This allowed me to
then delete their profile.



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Subject: [THIN] Re: locked file

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already did that.  logged in as administrator and took ownership and gave

full rights to all the files.  it says it is open.


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Locked or you don't have access?


Take ownership of the folder and all file and sub-folders then go in and

give yourself full permission to all files and sub folders and try



To see what is in use open computer management and look under "Shared

Folders" for "Open Files"




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I am trying to remove a users home directory and create a new blank one,

but there are files in there that the system says are being used.  The

user is logged out.  Is there anyway I can see what process or account

has the files open?


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