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  • Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 18:58:35 +0200


You're probably right. I overlooked that service when looking for a solution. I guess I could have stopped it and then started it at night when no one was logged on, just to make sure the job did not go ahead as planned.


Andrew Wood wrote:
Is there any point in replying - are you still there ;)
If you'd stopped the ADF Installation service - maybe stopped - but not restarted the IMA service?

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I accidentally logged off 300 users today by performing the following procedure:

1. start the automated installation on all Citrix servers of an IM package that contains one updated tnsnames.ora file
2. then I realized that in the options of the 'Installation Manager' section of the CMC, I had activated 'Force users to log off before installing' some time before. So at this time all users received their fist 'you will be logged off in 15 minutes' warning
3. I deleted the pending installation job - no success: users received their second warning (10 minutes left...)
4. Hoping that the job was scheduled by the IMA service on each server, I started restarting the Independent Management Infrastructure service on all servers
5. No cigar: 5 minutes after their last warning all users were kicked off the servers

Not one of my most glorious moments... Is there anything I could have done after step 1 to avoid the massive logoff?


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