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Yeah but what are your users doing?  Copying a PPT presentation across a
network could eat up all of the bandwidth for example.   If you have every
tried out a PacketShaper by packeteer you would be amazed how one user can
suck up all your network resources.

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Everything is within the same Lan, workstation to server pings are
returning < 10ms.  Our latency issue is certainly worse when the CPU
utilization is above 50%, but there is no memory bottleneck and typically
cpu usage runs below 30%.  We have had the latency reported before 8 am
when there are less than 5 users on and high CPU usage is unlikely(not
impossible I suppose).  I do keep taskmgr running to monitor the
performance throughout the day.
We have disabled the time zone, but not looked at the hotfixes mentioned in
other messages as they relate to Win2K server and we are running on NT.
The array controller issue mentioned is interesting as I am quite certain
we are using the Compaq SmartArray 431 controller.  It is something for us
to look at anyway.
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