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Hi Ronnie

Depends on a few things, if you are rolling out XA 6.5 via PVS for instance.

It also depends on the type of app - when we first tried to get Office 2010 
streamed using App-V we struggled to make it work properly to the point where 
MS recommended  installing Office on the XenApp vDisk.

We've found that installing key apps on the vDisk image was best and then 
streaming the rest. Where an app won't work on Server 2008 R2 (or IE8) then use 
an old Server 2003/XA 5 farm or use XenDesktop and Windows XP.

If you have 25 apps, try and rank them in difficulty ( as in your experience 
with the app and how well or not it's behaved in your current environment)  or 
compatibility with Server 2008 R2 and see if you can get the tricky ones to 
work. That will give you an indication.

Hope this helps.


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Hi ,

I have  been having a look at application virtualisation in XenApp 5 and have 
tested a few apps streamed to desktops just to get a feel for the technology.

My next step is to move our XenApp infrastructure to XenApp 6.5 on 2008 R2,  we 
have a pretty mixed environment consisting of Vista and W7 Pc's lots of thin 

My real question really is anyone installing applications directly onto XenApp 
or indeed desktops anymore or is it all virtual apps.

Or is it only with the experience with lots of  trial and error were you can 
fully get to grips with this.

I intend to investigate XenDesktop as well but I may have to push ahead with 
the 6.5 roll out to facilitate Office 2010.

Any particular direction I should be taking ? We don't have 100's of apps maybe 
25 or so and they are mainly commercial and not custom in house apps.


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