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Thanks for the Info Brian ,I was thinking of attending in October.

As a matter of interest ...what is a resort tax and a resort fee  ?
I thought our American cousins hated taxes....
Sounds like some dodgy scam to me to fleece tourists to pay for new Baseball 
and Football stadiums.

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  Here is a quick summary of iForum 2004 costs in Orlando, FL.

  October 4th - 7th

  Conference Registration Cost: 
  Citrix iForum Alumni (applicable if you attended any previous Citrix iForum 
in the US) - $995
  Priority-First fee (applicable if you register by August 13, 2004) - $1,095
  Regular fee - $1,195 

  Costs at the Disney Swan and Dolphin are as follows:  (This info is NOT on 
their website...had to call to get it.)

  $249 \ per night per room + 11.5% resort tax + $10 resort fee (not sure if 
the $10 is per night or per trip)

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