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  • From: "Lilley, Brian" <brian.lilley@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 12:00:35 +0100

Hi All,

Firstly, my apologies for bombarding you with questions over the past couple
of weeks, I'm almost there... so thanks for all your responses...you have
saved me days of reading!  I will hopefully be able to put something back in
once I get my hands on all my shiney new kit :o)

In the meantime, some help in jogging my memory on how the resouce manager
sits together would be very helpful!

My understanding is this,

*       there is a dbase connection server (DBCS) , this dbase connection server
connects to an entirely separate database to the IMA data store.  
*       the DBCs collects the 'hourly summary database' every day from each of 
farm servers.
*       the DBCS, does require a connection to the IMA data store, but 
just to read info on farm objects and what farm metrics are defined??
*       a farm metric server exists, and its responsibility is to hold a view of
farmwide metrics.  the farm metric server gets its information continuously
from the farm servers via the ZDC comms.

My questions are these....

1) Can I assume that the comms from the farm servers to the farm metric
servers would only happen if resource manager is installed?  i.e. the
farm-wide events/metrics required for RM are sent in addition to the normal
comms (for load balancing et al) between farm servers and their ZDC?  In
otherwords, how much of an additional overhead does having Resource Manager

2) I can't remember if you configure a server to send its summary to a DBCS or
whether the DBCS just collects from all servers as soon as you install it?

3) How would you scale the resource manager, I can see that you can have a
primary farm metric server and backups.. I guess this is scaled by way of the
fact that the info is gathered via the ZDC's?? hhmmm, ok, how would scale the
collection of the daily summaries from hundreds of servers? can you have
multiple DBC servers connecting to the RMSUMMARY database??


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