[THIN] Re: easy way to list all applications and users permissions

  • From: "Durbin, Jeff" <jeff.durbin@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2010 08:50:57 -0500

Here's a quick PowerShell script I wrote that will create a CSV file.
The output format is one line for each combination of app/group or
app/user, so if you open the output file in Excel and turn on
autofilter, you can select an app from the drop down and see all users
and groups to which the app is published, or select a user or group and
see all apps that are published to that user or group. 


$outfile = ".\PubAppsUsersAndGroups.csv"

if (test-path $outfile) {remove-item $outfile}

add-content $outfile "AppDN,UserOrGroup,Name"

$farm = new-object -com metaframecom.metaframefarm


foreach ($app in $farm.applications) 



  $appdn = $app.distinguishedname

  write-host $appdn

  foreach ($user in $app.users)


    $user = $user.aaname + "\" + $user.username

    write-host ("-- USER: " + $user)

    add-content $outfile ($appdn + ",user," + $user)   


  foreach ($group in $app.groups)


    $group = $group.aaname + "\" + $group.groupname

    write-host ("-- GROUP: " + $group)

    add-content $outfile ($appdn + ",group," + $group)





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Thomas Koetzing has some vb scripts that may do what you're after, in
particular appsusers.wsf although you may need to download the entire
resource kit (4GEReskit) to get at them. http://www.thomaskoetzing.de







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Subject: [THIN] easy way to list all applications and users permissions

I'm still running PS 4 on Windows 2003. Is there a script or tool I can
run to get a list of all the applications w/ which users/groups have



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