[THIN] Re: client permission on public folder

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  • Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 10:56:46 +1300

I take it you are talking about MS Exchange Public folders?  If so open the
permissions tab for the folder in question.  Under the roles input field
there are two columns of tick boxes.  Last item in the right column is the
checkbox for making the folder visible to selected users/groups.  Clear the
tick from this box for the anonymous group as shown in the screen image
below (if it makes it through to the list)

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I have created folder under public folders that must be accessible only for
specific group, I set the permission for anonymous access on None and for
specific group on custom, but everyone can view

and access this public folder. I hoop that somebody experience this issue.


More info, we have exchange 2000 sp3.



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