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Hi Al,

Ricoh does things differently than most printer vendors. They store settings 
like "staple" under HKCU\Software\Ricoh instead of under HKCU\Printers. 
Therefore, the Citrix auto-create mechanism can't find those settings on the 
client to pass them up to the server.

When you're logged on locally (as anyone, not just admin), you are working with 
HKCU\Software\Ricoh as they intended. So I don't think it's a permission 

If the users don't have to switch back and forth between staple and non-staple, 
you can pre-populate HKCU\Software\Ricoh with a login script.

Ricoh had something called a "mini-driver" that stores settings under 
HKCU\Printers. That works well but it may not be available anymore since they 
came out with a new universal driver. I haven't had time to test the universal 
driver to see where it hides things.

If you want the mini driver and can't find it on the Ricoh web site, let me 
know. I'll get it to you somehow.

Steve Raffensberger
Produban US
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Hi All,

I have a need for some of our users who require the use for 'staple' 
functionality on their printers through citrix. I have installed the native 
driver on our Xenapp6.0 Win200R2 servers and although the users can see the 
option in the printer preference settings to enable staples it is greyed out 
and they are unable to enable.

When mapping the printer on the server logged on locally as admin I can change 
setting, any ideas if this is a permission issue and where to enable for users?

The print driver in question is 'Ricoh Aficio MP C4500 PCL 6'

Any ideas be great!



Alan Tropper
Dept of Child Protection
Wintel Engineer
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