[THIN] Re: change profle path in AD

  • From: "Mack, Rick" <RMack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 23:27:31 +1100

Hi Russel,

Actually the ADSI scripting, in Kix 4.11 of course, is quite capable of
handling the TS stuff in win2k. 

For example, elaborating slightly from some Kix examples, and reading a user
list from an external file:

; adsitest.kix - play with AD user info
; read user list from file

IF Open(3,"users.lst") = 0
     $User = Rtrim(ReadLine(3))
        ? "$User"
        WHILE @ERROR = 0
;       gosub getinfo
;     gosub putinfo
        $user = Rtrim(ReadLine(3))
        ? "$user"
Close (3)
  ? "User list not accessible, error code: [" + @ERROR + "]"
goto end

:getinfo example
$aduser = GetObject("WinNT://domain/" + $User + ",user")
                ?"User Info"
                ? "Accountname                  = " $aduser.name
                ? "LoginScript                  = " $aduser.LoginScript 
                ? "Profile                      = " $aduser.Profile 
                ? "HomeDirectory                = " $aduser.HomeDirectory 
                ? "HomeDirDrive                 = " $aduser.HomeDirDrive
                ? "TerminalServicesProfilePath  = "
                ? "TerminalServicesHomeDir      = "
                ? "TerminalServicesHomeDirDrive = "
                ? "MaxIdleTime                  = " $aduser.MaxIdleTime
                ? "ReConnectionAction           = "
                ? "EnableRemoteControl          = "


:putinfo example
$aduser = GetObject("WinNT://GT/" + $User + ",user")


Getobject reads the object into cache
createobject creates a new object in cache 
$propertyname.put, writes values to cache
$ojectname.Setinfo writes cache to AD

Check the Microsoft scripting site for other objects etc.

Theres also wts_admin.dll from bhay@xxxxxxxxxxxx which handles the TS stuff
on NT 4.0 TSE.



Ulrich Mack
Volante Systems
18 Heussler Terrace, Milton 4064
Queensland Australia
tel +61 7 32467704

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If it is terminal server home shares and profiles, you'll need to use the
TSCMD utility as the ADSI scripting stuff doesn't work with the TS settings
(or not that we could see).

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