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If we are talking about network printers the question is are they configured
as printers in user's Windows session (before they start any Citrix) or they
are configured in CMC with imported printserver (or scripted during logon). 

If your printers are configured in user Windows session they are treated as
client printers. To get them in Citrix in CMC Printers properties you have
to have:
1. "Auto-create client printers when user logs on" checked
2. "All client printers" selected

I do not have "Update client printers at each logon" checked.

1. Check event log to see if there are Metaframe events related to printing.

2. Check if all the printdrivers good servers have are replicated to the
servers in question (This is done through CMC Printer Management). 
3. Check the Print Spooler service if it is up and running on these problem

How do you configure these network printers to get to user's citrix session?
Do you have other citrix servers in the same farm that work OK?


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I have two servers where the printers do not auto create at all. Also
I've noticed that when I changed a file association ( shared desktop) on
these servers  this is not  updated in the user's profile either. That's
why I'm thinking it's a Windows profile problem and not Citrix

These are network printers
CMC: update at each login ( do you need the client printer properties as
Windows 2003 server
MF XP realease 3 all hot fixes applied

Thanks for working with me. JD

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