[THIN] Re: anti-virus for 30 blade server farm

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I don't usually express opinions about an entire company.. but the only good
product I've ever seen from Symantec were the old dos Norton Utilities (ver
4.5) from 20 years ago. Of course they were a different company back then,
and I assume those who programmed those utilities have moved on.

I wouldn't bet my job on them is all I can say.


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Ummm.... we have Symantec NAV 8.0 on our Citrix Servers.  Is there something
I should know Jim?

It's what we use corporate wide, so that's why I loaded it on our Citrix
servers.  My biggest worry was utilization which it doesn't suck too much
of, what else should I be considering/watching?

Thanks for any advice.


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.All others

In that order.

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