[THIN] access offline files on the laptop (CSC)-help!

  • From: "Pavlo Ignatusha" <Pavlo.Ignatusha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 07:38:30 -0400

Hi group,

I haven't got a whole lot of experience with offline folders and I hope
someone will know this right away.


We were asked to help an organization with their IT. AD forest with 1
domain. 3 servers: DC1, E3K/BackupExec and DC2. All running W3K SP1. All
clients are XP workstations.

About a week after we agreed in only 24 hours both DCs failed (both
mirrored drives and both dead). Only E3K/BackupExec server was up. I
looked at what they had backed up and I was able to fully restore DC1
but there was no backup for DC2. The problem is that DC2 had everybody's
My Documents redirected to it and made available offline. I made a new
share on the E3K/BackupExec (default share settings) and edited GPO to
point My Documents to the new spot. Other GPO setting were "Move
documents to the new location" - yes, "Policy Removal behaviour" -
"Restore contents" (these settings were originally there). As users
started logging in the new folders were created on the new share but no
files were moved and laptop's My Documents were emptied out (no fies on
the share and no files in local My Documents. I removed GPO linked after
that. But that did not help. New users log in and "lose" their files in
My Documents as well.


I suspect the contents of My Documents still remain on users HDD in
C:\Windows\CSC folder packed into the special format. I can see them and
folder has the right size. How can I get these files back? I really need
that asap as they have been without their files for a few days now... I
can build new DC2 but there is no backup for it.

Any help is VERY appreciated.

Pavlo Ignatusha

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