[THIN] Re: Zone Preference and Failover

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  • Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 17:45:56 -0500

we are deploying XPe thin clients and I am replacing the shell with a
vbscript that checks a couple of things and then depending on the results,
launches a connection to a published desktop.  The result is very clean for
the user and keeps all the XPe crap out of the way.  It also gives us some
control over peripherals in that we don't want users to plug in a device
(like a thumb drive) and use it locally on the thin client which XPe is all
to happy to do.  We toyed with using IE in kiosk mode but I didn't like the
end result and we had other security concerns.


On 6/7/07, Steve Greenberg <steveg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 It is designed for WI and PNagent connections. What is the benefit of the
static ICA file in this case?

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I am hoping you can all give me a sanity check before i lose my mind.

I am about 95% done putting in a new farm spanning four domains, 6
networks, and about 100 servers.  We have some consultants in helping and it
has been nice because I admit that there is a lot I don't know and their
help has been appreciated.

Zone preference and failover is not working like it should and the
consultants tell me it is because zone preference and failover only works
with the web interface and that it does not apply to full program
neighbrhood connections.  We are using a static ica file to connect users
(long story, just trust me, it's the best way for this situation) and zone
preference is being ignored.   I have always just split the farm design up
to match domain or geographic boundaries in the past but they convinced me
this would be the best way because zone preference would handle everything.
Then I get the "oops" by the way, zone preference and failover only works
with WI connections.

I'm not buying it and that's why I am throwing it out to the list.  I
trust you guys more than I do them.



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