[THIN] Re: Zip application for citrix

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Of course it does Jason. Add the following code to your deployment script in
a .cmd file.







:: SET Extn=7z-0 arj-4 bz2-2 bzip2-2 cab-7 cpio-7 deb-11 gz-14 gzip-14 iso-8
lha-6 lzh-6 rar-3 rpm-10 split-9 swm-15 tar-13 taz-5 tbz-2 tbz2-2 tgz-14
tpz-14 wim-15 z-5 zip-1

SET Extn=7z-0 arj-4 bz2-2 bzip2-2 gz-14 gzip-14 lha-6 lzh-6 rar-3 tar-13 z-5

FOR %%j IN (%Extn%) DO (

  FOR /F "tokens=1,2 delims=-" %%A IN ("%%j") DO (

    REG ADD %SC%\.%%A /VE /D "7-Zip.%%A" /F > C:\NUL

    REG ADD %SC%\7-Zip.%%A /VE /D "%%A Archive" /F > C:\NUL

    REG ADD %SC%\7-Zip.%%A\DefaultIcon /VE /D
"%PROGRAMFILES%\7-Zip\7z.dll,%%B" /F > C:\NUL

    REG ADD %SC%\7-Zip.%%A\shell\open\command /VE /D
"\"%PROGRAMFILES%\7-Zip\7zFM.exe\" \"%%1\"" /F > C:\NUL




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On our workstations we use 7zip


But 7zip doesn't automatically associate zip files with the application.


Dealing with file associations on citrix with multiple user profiles would
be a major pain.


What is everyone else using for a zip program on citrix?


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