[THIN] Re: XenServer Slowdown

  • From: "Landin, Mark" <Mark.Landin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 09:58:44 -0600

"After approx 30 users (or 2 days without a reboot), the performance drops"

 Are you saying that once you hit 30 concurrent users, performance drops? If 
so, does performance improve once you dip back down below 30?

Or do you mean that after 30 sessions have been initiated since the last 
reboot, performance drops, and stays that way, even if there's only 1 
concurrent user?

Or, do you mean that, 2 days after a reboot, performance drops, regardless of 
how many concurrent users are on, or how many sessions have been initiated on 
that server since the last reboot?

What happens if you boot a server, let it sit idle for 3 days, then let a user 
on. Is the performance good or not?

I think those are important symptoms but I'm not clear exactly what your 
situation is.

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(sorry about last unfinished email went to save to get more info and clicked 
send - sigh)

We are having speed issues with our XenServers

 *   Brand New builds
 *   Deployed with Altiris
 *   Xenserver 5.0
 *   Windows 2008 Standard 64bit
 *   36GB RAM
 *   Dual CPU, 8 Core processors X5560 2.80Ghz
 *   Appsense EM and PM (with citrix CPU and memory management disabled)
 *   Sophos AV
 *   HP Hardware DL380 G6 with teamed nics
For normal operation we are getting 25 second login time (to desktop)

After approx 30 users (or 2 days without a reboot), the performance drops to 
1-1.5 minutes just to log in, everything sluggish, cant open task manager even 
though multiple taskman icons appear in systray.
No performance issues on the systems themselves, all sitting around %25 
utilised. (CPU, MEM, DISK etc)

So far:
We have disabled Sophos, no result
disabled Appsense, no result
turned on VT instructions for CPU in the BIOS, no result
turn off TCP offloading for the NICS
HW firmware for Servers / patching (latest PSP)
Software for OS and apps / patching

Any one seen anything like this already? apart now from bringing up a VM host 
to eliminate hardware or a full manual rebuild and testing at each stage of the 
build process - we are starting to run out of 'obvious ideas'
ANY assistance and advice greatly appreciated!



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