[THIN] XenDesktop 7 App Edition / Server 2012 "Fun"

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Hi all,

We're building a new Server 2012 / XenDesktop 7 App Edition server farm with 
external access via NetScaler VPX. (We’re sticking with hosted desktops as 
we’re using non-windows thin clients so the VDA license cost would be 

We've decided to go down the route of Citrix Profile Management with Group 
Policy Preferences, and a locked down redirected desktop (shortcuts managed 
using access based enumeration).

It's going fairly well so far but we're being hit by a few issues...

1.       Horrible Windows 8 / Server 2012 tiles. We’ve found the tiles 
replicate the desktop icons after the third logon, but can't find a reason for 
this or a way to program them. Has anyone managed to do this?
I think we'll most likely wait for 2012 R2 to get the "start button" and enable 
"go to desktop instead of start when I log in".

2.       Product Activation. We’re using MAK codes and when we image servers 
using Citrix Studio we have to manually activate Windows and Office. Is there a 
way to hard code the MAK codes for activation, or do we need a KMS server?

3.       Receiver 4 for windows is refusing to work with our NetScaler. (The 
apple mac client works fine, as does receiver 3). Essentially, we enter our 
FQDN and log on, but a dialogue pops up with “Select an account to continue” 
with the only option being “Close”.
This post<http://forums.citrix.com/thread.jspa?threadID=333352> explains the 
issue we have in a bit more detail and this 
 matches the issue. Has anyone managed to resolve this?
We have external DNS set and have installed a wildcard certificate on the 

4.       Very slow logon times. We’re seeing logon times of > 50 seconds. When 
we look at the logon performance charts in Director, “Interactive Session” is 
generally around 30 seconds alone. We want to streamline this, so any tips on 
the best place to start? I have a feeling the CPM may be doing something here.

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