[THIN] Re: XenApp6 Printing Issue??

  • From: Alan Tropper <Alan.Tropper@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 01:56:32 +0000

Thanks Warren for the info!

We have the latest patches from Citrix but noticed some servers haven't got all 
the MS patches so I'll look at getting this updated and see if resolves our 

Funny thing is I can get printers to view if I use a web browser and use 
\\localhost\ then select network printers...

Print server is Win2003 x86

I'll check out the GPO as never seen the level targeting but sounds awesome.

Thanks again


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Hi Alan

Firstly make sure all you XenApp 6 server have the latest hotfixes from Citrix. 
And I really mean this. Every Citrix hotfix to date seems to change things for 
the better or worst. So make sure you're up to the latest Citrix public patch. 

As for Microsoft, see this page for what patch level you should have. Probably 
the best hotfix guide around and is updated regularly:


Second part is more of a question. Is your print server 64 bit, 2008 or other?

Third part, are you using using the session printers policy to allocate 
printers to your users? If you said yes to this, then this is the issue. It 
doesn't work properly and I've had no end of issues with all the XenApp 6 
installs I've done. Printers not appearing for users randaomly is a constant 

Then best answer is to use Windows 2008 Group policy instaed to assign the 
network printer/s to the user and then use item-level targeting based on the 
Terminal Services policies to align the printers to the user based on client IP 
address or Client name. This is how Citrix Session Printer Policies work 
essentially. I use this now to map all printers for users and set their default 
printer based on client IP or username.

There's many articles out there on how to set up Group Policy - printer 
policies in Windows 2008
R2 and there some infomration on Item level targeting for Terminal Services. If 
you can't find anything let me know.

Warren Simondson

Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy Pty Ltd

Website: http://www.ctrl-alt-del.com.au

On Tue, Sep 27th, 2011 at 4:34 PM, Alan Tropper <Alan.Tropper@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

> Hi All,
> I have just recently moved to a dept and there are a few printing 
> polices that need to be looked at, however in the short term I need to 
> find out what would cause a XenApp6.0 server to not show the connected 
> printers under 'printers & faxes," for some servers this is working 
> but for others it is not...There are quite a few print drivers 
> installed on the servers but at least they are all the same so not 
> sure why some servers you can view them and others you cant?
> Using Win2008R2 with XenApp6.0
> Any ideas would be great?
> Cheers
> Al

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