[THIN] XenApp Plug-in 12.1 and connecting to multiple desktops ....

  • From: "Hutchinson, Alan" <Alan.Hutchinson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 12:59:44 -0000

I'm just starting to look at upgrading the ICA client currently used on
our estate from 10.2 to 12.1 and am foxed by this issue. 
Currently with the 10.2 client we just used PN (no PNA) and Web client.
The web client is used by users with a PC and all our support functions
and they all access the same web site URL. This site is configured for
pass through authentication and the Management Console is configured for
custom administrators using their normal (non-elevated) userids. PN is
used by our higher level support functions to access individual servers
and they can then log in using their elevated credentials. I also have a
test site which requires authentication so that I can log on with one of
my test accounts for any application testing as a standard user.  All
well and good.
Clearly the 12.1 client doesn't have a PN component and I'm keen to move
to a PNA environment anyway. Have installed the full 12.1 plug-in on a
couple of test PCs and set up a PNA site and this all works well and I
believe it will satisfy the vast majority of users and most of our
support functions. The issue I have is with adnministrative access to
published desktops. I have set up a.n.other site which requires
authentication and when I log in using my administrator credentials I
can see all the desktops that are published for administrators.
Selecting one of the Desktops and it starts as expected. The problem
comes when I connect to another Desktop (from a different server, with a
different name etc.). The first Desktop disappears and log progresses on
the second Desktop. Connection Centre and the Console shows two Desktops
but only one is visible. This happens for all further Desktop
If I login locally as an Administrator then the PNA shows all Desktops
and I can connect to each without them disappearing !!.
W2K R2 PS4.5
Windows XP SP3 I.E.8 and Windows 7 I.E.8
W.I. 4.6 
Apologies for the length of this.

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