[THIN] XenApp 6.5 V5 script

  • From: Webster <webster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "ntsysadm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <ntsysadm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Citrix CTP List <CCTP-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2015 14:02:18 +0000

I am starting work on V5 of the XenApp 6.5 script. If you would like to test
that script, let me know OFF LIST.

V5 will add Text and HTML output options.
Use Iain Brighton's optimized Word table functions for all Word/PDF tables.
Institute all other fixes found while working on the XD5/XD7 and new PVS
PowerShell scripts.
Like the PVS script, will allow you to enter parameters to setup remote access
to a Controller.

I am hoping these changes will fix the issue of the slow populating of Word
tables with data and the rare issue of not being to save the DOCX and or PDF



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