[THIN] XenApp 6.5 - Lock Screen Disconnect issue

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  • Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 14:14:10 +0000

This is really bugging me...

We have had to disable locking screen in XA6.5 as when a user disconnects they 
cannot get their session back.

Has anyone obtained the "private fix" referenced in  CTX131380? Does it work?

Thanks in advance.

Error: Element Not Found and This Network Connection Does Not Exist
Document ID: CTX131380 / Created On: 08-Nov-2011 / Updated On: 20-Dec-2011


In XenApp version 6.5, the following errors are displayed when attempting to 
reconnect to a session that is locked and disconnected

"Element not found.
This network connection does not exist."

Reproducing the Issue

To reproduce the issue, complete the following procedure:
1.     Publish a desktop on the XenApp 6.5 server.
2.     Connect to the published desktop from a client device.
3.     Lock the published desktop.
4.     Disconnect the session.
5.     Reconnect to the disconnected session from a client device.
Note: First attempt fails without any error.
You might also notice winlogon.exe crashing on the Xenapp server.
6.     Reconnect again to the disconnected session. The following error appears:
"Element not found"

[Description: Description: 
7.     Reconnect again to the disconnected session. The following error appears:
"This network connection does not exist"

[Description: Description: 

You have to reset the session after the symptoms occur.
Note: Unsaved work is lost.


A private fix is currently being tested. If you wish to test the fix, please 
contact Citrix technical support and refer to CPR LA0740.

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