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So If Im reading this correctly I need to set up the physical switch
port with the TAG number of the Virtual network from the XenServer.






So I have two NIC in server NIC 0 for management and NIC 1 for server


I set up virtual network Internal on NIC 1 which has a VLAN ID of 1, dos
this meen that VLAN port on the switch mush have a TAG for Vlan 1.


As I thought it was default VLAN of 1 was already on the switch and I
couldn't get the server to talk on his Internal network at all.


Maybe I need to be using a different VLAN ID that's not in use on out
network already.



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It's all in the networking, not Xen.  Just use Network 1 if that's all
that is going to be used.  If you plan on tagging vLans then you will
want to setup a new connection as well as configure the switch-port for




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I have set up XenServer on a single box for some testing of Access
gateway VPX. I also have a server 2008 instaled.


I have two NIC's with an extra ordered.


I have NIC 0 set as management with IP address and this works fine.


The second NIC I have plugged into our internal LAN, when I create a
Network and select NIC 1 and then select this Virtual Network in my 2k8
server I cannot get network connectivity.


When I select the Network 1 which is the built in NIC 1 directly all
works fine.


Seem to be going round in circles is this possible with XenServer and
Xen Centre free edition.







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