[THIN] Re: Xen Desktop and other VDi solutions

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I second Matt's comments:
My experience - unless you've apps that only work in a desktop OS, VDI
offers little over XenApp sessions.
We're replacing our Wyse Thin Clients with Pano devices right now.  The move
has not gone without problems, but I think we're finally working out the
I loved the Wyse TCs (G90's) but patching those devices became a nightmare
and Wyse's ability to release updates was terrible.
Why patch those devices? Because we're required to.
I looked at Linux TCs, but had a hard time getting Smart cards to work.
I would really recommend spending a lot time evaluating different products.

Hector Minero 


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It'd be useful to know some more about your environment and use cases.
You've quoted technologies there, and you can have a straight compare of
features - but do those features match what it is that you need to deliver
what your users want? 


You say "never going to deliver 3d graphics with xenapp" - is that because
that feature is needed, or because that feature is cool? 


I worked recently with a group who were under the impression that xendesktop
was the *only* way that they could get good video performance - but we
tested and evidenced that the new HDX technologies incorporated into latest
versions of XenApp, combined with performance improvements in R2 meant they
could roll out XenApp6 rather than move to xendesktop. Looked at thin
clients from hp and 10zig. The users just wanted better colours in their IE
sessions and video - xenapp 6 delivered that.


"where the business thinks that VDI is of use." .. to be honest "the
business" rarely cares about how the technology works, just as long as it


My experience - unless you've apps that only work in a desktop OS, VDI
offers little over XenApp sessions. 


What do you need it to do?


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Many thanks to both replies Andrew / Russell.

Some very useful info there.


Im also keen to hear about other experiences (hence the post).





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Hi Matt


It would be interesting to find out where the business thinks that VDI is of
use. We find that XenApp is now classed as one of the components of desktop
virtualisation and its the use case that's important.


We all know that we are never going to deliver 3D graphics with XenApp (or a
hosted shared desktop in XenDesktop terms) but we'd need to do something
clever like streaming the image to a desktop blade to get the performance


The Wyse Zero client, the Xenith, works well. It has most of the HDX
offerings and have played audio through it with little problem. There is no
Flash offload yet, hopefully will come sometime soon. Also, some of the new
features such as the Print Optimization Pack from Citrix won't work on non
Windows clients.


We've also been testing the Fujitsu Zero client and it requires PanoLogic to
work. It also only works with XenDesktop (not XenApp) so we'll have to wait
till we are on a XD site to try this one out. And its another layer on top
of XenDesktop as the client points to PanoLogic server and then the
PanoLogic points to the hypervisor system and the desktop broker. The
protocol between the client and the PanoLogic server is PanoLogic's own so
Citrix Sessions using HDX are completely separate.


I've avoided doing much on VMware View as once you deliver the desktop I'm
not convinced ThinApp is the way to deliver the apps. If you use Citrix,
you've paid for delivering the desktop already.


Hope this helps. Keen to hear of other experiences.









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Hello there,


I have been asked to look at VDI solutions to compliment our XenApp

There are a number of solutions out there including XenDesktop. 

I quite like XenDesktop and it is a natural compliment to our Xenapp
environment .... but i would like to see what other solutions other people
may have experience of.

We have around 10 000 users running the usual mixed bag of apps. CAD is
there , but this isnt being considered for the VDI solution.


A buzzword that i keep reading about is "zero client". We have a number of
Wyse devices and Wyse do indeed provide their own Zero client.

I have also been reading up on other solutions Teradici and a company headed
by an Ex Wyse chappie .. Pano Logic .. although this looks like a smaller
non enterprise type of solution.

Does anyone have any comments on VDI solutions including the ones i have
mentioned ? 


Thanks for your time



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