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The big sell for my old boss was this:
Less license usage. A user who connects to a farm gets assigned a
license for a farm, multiple connections don't take up multiple
More users per server. With CPU and memory optimisations (Where it's
possible to use this) you can get up to 20% more users onto a server.
Well that's the marketing guff anyway, your mileage may vary.
More supported platform. The XP platform is going to get decomissioned
and users of it are decreasing all the time, this is going to mean less
support. At the end of the day at some point, if they are going to keep
Citrix, they are going to have to move.
The MPS 4.0 platform has session reliability, which essentially is just
nicer for users in case there is issues.
Single Sign on. MPS 4.0 supports kerberos authentication for getting
into applications, which means that users no longer have to authenticate
again to get into applications (No saved passwords either)
This is what I found in my experience.
There is more stuff here:
You will also get the full functionality of web interface 4.0 if you
aren't running it now. Simply, it just looks prettier, and it also works
a hell of a lot better.


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We are currently running XPe FR3/SP4 on Windows 2003 servers.
Everything is pretty smooth.  We have a new rather large project coming
up which would be the perfect time for us to implement PS4.0.
Unfortunately it's not that easy.  We have to convince the pocket books,
errr....management, that we need this.  They let SA go a while back
because of cost and now we have to renew to get to PS4.0.  Big bucks.  I
feel it's very much worth it but my opinion is worth squat.  I am trying
to put together a presentation that will compare PROS and CONS of each
version.  Does anyone have anything that goes into this?  Anything to
get me started.  Right now I am going thru training material but
something actually comparing the 2 versions would be great.  Any
information or documentation would be much appreciated.
Michael Boggan
XO Communications

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