[THIN] Wyse Winterm Users not session-sharing

  • From: Steve Sullivan <SSullivan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 10:15:25 -0700

Good morning,

I have one for the group that has puzzled me for quite a while now.

10 Server Farm, Windows 2000/SP2, MFXP FR-2/SP2

We run ALL published applications - most users have Wyse Winterms and run
Program Neighborhood in Pass-Thru and then connect to other apps as
required. ALL applications are published from ALL servers.

My question is this:
Why do the applications scatter all over the servers? Isn't the whole idea
of session sharing supposed to be to keep the users on one server. 

Citrix KB (CTX159159) says in the last paragraph -

"Another point to note is that when using the pass-through client and
connecting to a published application that is on the same server from which
the pass-through client was launched, the applications are actually launched
within the Windows NT session in which the pass-through client is running.
The applications do not go through ICA."

It doesn't work this way on the Winterms. Some users stay on one server,
while others have PN running on, say, server10, Outlook is on server08, Word
is on server03, etc.

This causes all kinds of problems as the apps start MUCH slower and when
users start closing them, multiple profile updates try to occur on the
profile server. This really turns into a pain when you have a user with all
these prf*.tmp files (profile files trying to update) stuck on the profile
server, and their apps start with the local profile warning!

Any tweaks to keep users on the same server they run PN from?
These are Wyse 3360se's - Firmware: 3.5.1 SP2 (Build 441.22)Windows CE 2.12
which I believe is the latest.

Thanks in advance,


Steve Sullivan
Citrix Administrator
BlueStar Solutions
Telephone: 623.322.6831
Email: SSullivan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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