[THIN] Re: Wtsuprn is dead in mfxp - thre real scoop

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  • Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 08:02:49 -0700

I had some printing issues a few weeks back so I posted on Citrix forums.
The response from Citrix is:


The printing algorithm checks in this order:
1. <client name>#<printer name> in wtsuprn.inf
2. <printer name> in wtsuprn.inf
3. <client name>#<printer name> in wtsprnt.inf
4. <printer name> in wtsprnt.inf
5. <client name>#<client printer driver name> in wtsuprn.inf
6. <client printer driver name> in wtsuprn.inf
7. <client name>#<client printer driver name> in wtsprnt.inf
8. <client printer driver name> in wtsprnt.inf
9. <client printer driver name> in
\Control\Print\Environments\Windows NT x86\Drivers\Version-2
10. <client printer driver name> in ntprint.inf. If a match is found, the
new name is substituted for the driver name when the printer creation is

Note: The client printer mechanism checks the registry first. If the driver
has been installed (then the registry entry will exist), the printer
creates without a problem. If the registry entry does not exist for that
particular driver, it looks in the ntprint.inf file to determine if the
driver is available from the base NT installation. If it is a known driver
and the installation is available (via CD or network), then the driver is
silently installed on the machine and the printer creation goes forward.

If the FR1 Defaults are selected, it will go through all the steps
described and then select the Universal printer driver. Also, you can
select the Native drivers only option to print. However, if Native drivers
are not available, the printer will not be autocreated.

Hope this helps,

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