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  • Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 00:58:06 +0100

The beauty of ThinStation, PXES et al is that they rarely need to be
touched... document your configuration (including setserial etc.) and
your replacement should have no problem doing updates; I've a site in
Sydney that's still using PXES from 4-5 years ago!

As for rdesktop, it was written by a friend of mine from college at
UNSW... a polish guy who I believe was all of 16 at the time and who
went on to become a Samba team member. He's a programming wizard,
which is reflected in the quality of the software. The fact it's used
by Access Gateway's kiosk mode is also a good sign.


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On 10/4/06, Joanne Determann <joanne.determann@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Jim,  I'm playing away with Bart.

That's why the DOS clients were great.

And I love the SourceForge Thinstation because they can't do anything to
them. But by the same token it's really difficult to tweak em.  I made it so
 the lower level tech (without Linux knowledge) can xcopy from DOS to the
Hard drive and use syslinux to  linux boot. But I've been fighting with the
com port redirection. The ports redirect with the rdesktop  but the baud
rate needs to be set before connecting and with no Linux smarts no way will
they be able to support  it when I leave.

Moving to Sidney Ohio, husband's company is relocating him. . I'll be
looking for a jobby job down there in Buckeye land and don't want to leave
em with a mess up here in Canada. May as well get in, in case anyone it
looks for a support tech.



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And the cool thing is that you could put it on a bootable CD and just boot
the workstation to CD.  There is no way that they could muck it up then!!


Joanne Determann <joanne.> wrote:

Thanks, Jim. BartPE looks promising!


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Could use WinPE and just run the RDP client from that.

BartPE has it all set up for you. Just pick and remove utilities you want in



 Tim Mangan <tmangan@> wrote:

Not lockdown, but if you are really just interested in keeping users from screwing up the machines and needing maintenance, you might look at Ardence. The OS image is on a server and if configured for this need, it will use a fresh image each time you reboot. There are other refresh products out there, but these guys seem to have the best implementation. If the desktop has a 4200rpm drive it might even boot faster using Ardence than a native boot.

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I had an all DOS client environment but needed to upgrade built many RDP Linux Thinstations that work just fine for most of the shop floor. I'm having some problems with the rdesktop and com port redirection. So…

I have a need to build some windows clients. I need them right locked down
tight. Does anyone have any tips for building a windows client that can't be
tampered with?

Ideally it should function like a kiosk and just load the RDP and launch the
server desktop. Thanks,Joanne

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