[THIN] Re: Windows 2003 Performance Issue

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  • Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 13:18:05 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks to everyone who replied to this topic.  While I
didn't find the solution I was hoping for, I believe
that the solution that Claudio mentions below will
work best in our environment.  It's probably best to
have people wait an extra 30-60 seconds at
logon/logoff then have them expierence delays several
times a day when they open applications.

One question - what program are using using to do the
copying?  I tested ROBOCOPY and XCOPY and found that
XCOPY seemed to perform slightly better.  I found that
I could get all the functionality that I (think) I
need by using the /EXCLUDE and /D parameters

Thanks again,

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I had the exact same issue with one particular
application at a customer
site. The workaround was to set the home directory on
the TS to the TS
local drive (something like D:\users\%username%) and
to map the real
home directory during the logon script (so they could
still access their
real home directories). The script would also copy all
INIs from the TS
home directory to the network when they logged off and
copy it back to
the TS when logging in so they would get the same INIs
no matter on
which TS they were in.
That fixed the issue. Dirty workaround I agree.

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