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All subject to change if the wind blows right and there is a full moon on
the fourth Tuesday of the month. ; )
Hey it is Wednesday after all.

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        Just got off the phone from an extensive conversation about
licensing with our sales reps.  Here's what they told me.

        1) If you buy Windows XP prior to April 24th with Software
Assurance, you are covered for Sever 2003 CALs.  After that and you are out.

        2) There is an External Connection License that replaces the
Internet Connector License.  It is a per-server license, rather than the Per
User like the ICL.

        3) Their opinion was that named user CALs and regular per-device
CALs would likely be priced the same.  I'm still a bit dubious of that one,
since it seems like a losing proposition for MS depending on your setup.

        Anyway, just some interesting tidbits to pass along.

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