[THIN] WinTerm and TSCAL behavior???

  • From: Mike Munford <MMunford@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 17:46:46 -0400

I have another Client that has a recently rebuilt (6/02) Metaframe XPa
server that serves an application to seven Wyse WinTerms in their processing
plant. It also serves a desktop to several less frequent home/remote users. 

The Server is W2k with SP2 and SRP1 and Metaframe XP SP2/FR2. It is a member
server in an NT4 domain. The Microsoft Terminal Services Licensing Service
is running on the Metaframe box. The client has QTY 2 TSCAL 10 packs
installed for a total of 20 TSCALs. Due to the M$ Service pack level, the
Licensing service is operating with "Enhanced Terminal Services Licensing
Behaviour". (Q287687)

The on-site administrator has recently (within the last 2-3 weeks) noted
that there were 18 TSCALs issued to the various WinTerms and remote users.
Yesterday morning, after having some login issues with WinTerms, she noticed
that the Licensing Service no longer had any licenses listed for the
WinTerms. After rebooting the server, the WinTerms were able to connect
normally, yet the Licensing service still shows none issued to the Winterms.
I logged in from an NT4 PC and was issued a TSCAL as expected... 

I contacted Microsoft and opened a case. The Tech has concluded that the 7
TSCALS issued to the Winterms have been reclaimed due to the "Enhanced
Licensing Behaviuor", and I can see that being the case since it is almost
exactly 90 days since the server was rebuilt. What is very puzzling is WHY
were these TSCALs reclaimed, since the WinTerms connect to the published app
on a daily basis??? and WHY can they continue to connect without being
re-issued a TSCAL??? 

We also reviewed the Citrix Document CTX244994, which explains how Winterms
TSCALS are actually stored in the Metaframe Registry since the winterms have
no registry to store the TSCAL. Upon inspection, the Metaframe server does
have 7 "Buckets" (one for each Winterm) listed in the key indicated in the
Citrix Article. 

At this point the M$ rep deferred to CITRIX for further explanation. I
contacted Citrix Support and was summarily brushed off with a "I Dunno,
Terminal Services Licensing does some odd things sometimes" type of

Michael Munford 
Sr. Network Engineer
NetTek, LLC.

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