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FYI, as I expected, this is fixed.  
"Using XML data version =  Last modified on 8/1/2002"

This latest XML detects SP3.

Glenn Sullivan, MCSE+I  MCDBA
David Clark Company Inc.

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From: Sullivan, Glenn 
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Subject: Win2K SP3 gotchas

As people install this new service pack, please share any problems you might

For example, I have it installed on my test workstation here, and I can't
(currently, it will be updated soon I'm sure) run HFNETCHK against this
machine.  The XML file does not contain info about SP3 yet.  So, for those
who are relying on HFNETCHK to enumerate uninstalled patches, hold off for

Other than that all seems well.  But it's only been installed since 9 last
night (and installed remotely via VNC, no less!).

Yes, I'm brave.  But that is what Test stations are for, right?

Appreciate any input,

Glenn Sullivan, MCSE+I  MCDBA
David Clark Company Inc.

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