[THIN] Re: Win 2012 RDS - Q about installing ActiveX control via GPO

  • From: Dan Dillman <dan@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2013 18:10:31 +0000

I am assuming this is the client detection trust prompt you refer to.  My first 
question would be, if they are internal users do you need that enabled?  Many 
of my clients don't want that turned on as they deploy the client to desktops 
ahead of time.  If that's the case, disable client detection should do the 
Best of luck,
Dan Dillman

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Subject: [THIN] Win 2012 RDS - Q about installing ActiveX control via GPO

I could use a pointer or two about this. I have my Win2012 RDS test
environment mostly set up. I have a session host, web access host and
published some apps. Now I am looking at the end user experience. We
use our own self-signed certificates (already installed on the web
access and session hosts), so I know I need to push my internal CA
cert out via GPO (I can look up the specifics on how to do that).

The first time the user accesses the web interface, they are prompted
to install an ActiveX control. OK, I understand that. I don't want the
users prompted (don't trust them to answer correctly or sanely). But
how do I push that ActiveX control to all users? And how do I get a
copy of the control itself, because I'm sure I need to provide a copy
of it to the GPO, to be pushed.

We're OK with the users accessing things via a favorite URL, and we
can add that to the default domain policy. We're OK with the users
entering their credentials to sign into RDS, so we don't need to
configure SSO. We're OK with not pushing out the apps to show up in
the "Remote App and Desktop Connections", and instead limiting them to
access via URL in a browser.

But I do want them to not have to be prompted for the ActiveX control
to be installed. (ideally, I'd like them to not be prompted

Searching hasn't seemed to turn up a specific set of steps to
accomplish the above paragraph. Can anyone assist?

AD: Win2008 R2. RDS environment = Win2012. Clients=Win 7 (maybe some
WinXP; I'm still looking into that).
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