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An alternative method for migrating between databases having the same
version is to use the export/import process instead of a backup and
restore process. Microsoft SQL Server 7 uses OLE for the export/import
functions, which truncates any binary data greater than 256 bytes. As
such, using export/import on Microsoft SQL Server requires that the
following steps replace Step 1 above:

1. Export data from the original (source) database and import data
into the new (destination) database using the standard export/import
procedures described in the database vendor's documentation.

2. In the destination database, delete the table DATATABLE. This table
contains the truncated data as described above.

3. Execute the following SQL command in the destination database
context to recreate the DATATABLE table with non-truncated data:


NOTE: The brackets in the above SQL command are required if the name
contains a space or special character. Also, the source server must be
registered with the new database server as a linked server and must be
running when the above SQL command is executed.

4. Recreate the following indexes on DATATABLE: DATATABLEINDEX cluster
index on nodeid DATACONSISTENT unique index on (nodeid and partno)

NOTE: You can recreate the index by choosing Run a Wizard > Database >
Create Index Wizard from the Enterprise Manager Console.

5. Follow Steps 2 through 8 above to complete the database migration

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