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One thing no one has asked yet (at least I have not seen it), is how are
the two different RAIDs going to be configured?  The original question
stated RAID1 for system, RAID 5 for application.  Is this all happening on
the same system?  If so, unless this server has the ability to split the
drive cage into multiple channels, there will be a performance hit mixing
the two styles.  I tried this on a DL580 and DL380 and was very
disappointed with the results.

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RAID 1 is fault-tolerant... Multiple load balanced servers in a farm are
not.  Granted there is contigencies/redundancy built in a load balanced
farm, but it's not considered fault-tolerant. If the drive fails, the whole
server fails.  Dropping any connections it had with it, and possible loss
of valuable data.  With Raid 1, if you lose a drive your still ticking
aways as if nothing happened.

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Another possibility is RAID 0 if you want performance, let multiple
servers be your redundancy.

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Generally Terminal Servers will have a mirrored disk configuration.
Since your applications are running from another server (hoepully) then
the additional RAID 5 configuration is unnecessary.

Most of the people that I work with are using 1U servers for Metaframe,
so supporting a RAID 5 array is impossible within the server itself.

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Does anybody have any information in regards to optimal disk RAID
configuration for WTS/Citrix servers. We are putting together a new
build standard but we are unsure as to the best set-up. We are
considering RAID 1 for the system and RAID 5 for the application. Is
this sort of stuff documented anywhere.

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