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  • From: "Alexander Danilychev" <teknica@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2004 01:07:57 -0700

I will not follow suggestion to run STA on one selected MetaFrame server ? server goes down and your CSG connectivity is in jeopardy (unless you have one server and CSG is not primary concern when MetaFrame box goes down).

True, you can drop STAs on every single MetaFrame box, however it may impact your farm maintenance due to additional app to worry about, i.e. you will be required to maintain (and yes, patch few times a month) IIS on every STA box. If IIS patches are painful, I would also substitute IIS for XML service with Citrix native listener.

With new CSG version it is not tricky anymore to run STA, CSG and WI on one box. Just make sure STA is not exposed to outsiders (multi-homing will help). At low budget you can also deploy MetaFrame on the same box assuming user count is low (5-10 or even more, depending on user requirements).

I recommend focusing on CSG stability and suggest dedicated box if you plan on 50+ users. Although Citrix reports CSG's capability to support 1000+ concurrent connections (nice pipe required :), I will be concerned with denial of service attacks when your web requests go through CSG along with ICA traffic and thus expose CSG to issues not very relevant to a standalone install.

If two boxes for CSG/STA/WI are available I will group STA/WI together and keep CSG separate. It would not be bad to keep STA on a separate IP not accessible to outside users. This configuration will require minimum two SSL certificates (versus minimum one on a single box), but certificates are not that expensive ($50-100). If you cannot afford buying "real" servers, low-end PCs will do without any problem for 100+ users (might be not an option with your Company policy).

Again, the point here is to keep continuous data flow through CSG, while HTTP connections to STA or WI(NFuse) are not sensitive to timeouts and thus should be kept separate from CSG if possible.

PS. Load balancing should also be explored if relevant


From: "Matthew Shrewsbury" <MShrewsbury@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [THIN] Re: Web Interface 2.0
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 11:22:56 -0400

We have a good firewall and the Web server will be located in the DMZ
behind that. I need to run on this server Citrix Web Interface, Citrix
Secure Gateway, and Secure Ticket Authority. Do you think I can run all
3 on the same server? From reading the link it seems to be possible.

Thanks for all your help:-)

Matthew Shrewsbury, MCSE+Internet MCSE 2000 CCA

Network Administrator

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Subject: [THIN] Re: Web Interface 2.0

If you only have one server then it should be the CSG. It should be
stand alone in a DMZ and securely locked down within an inch of its life
:-) When I say DMZ even a good Access Control Lists on your routers
would be fine, although I know nothing about Comms!

The STA component could be on one of the Farm servers.

Check this out,





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Subject: [THIN] Re: Web Interface 2.0

Thank you for your input!!!

I like the idea of using CSG because I don't have to open up port 1494
to the outside world.

1) Our system is low budget and I just can't afford another server to
run STA on. Do you think I could run it on the Web Interface/CSG server
or on my Metaframe datastore server?

2) If I can't do option 1 then I think I should just run Web Interface
and skip the CSG/STA option. If I do this how can I force "128Bit Only"
for external users?

Thanks again for all your help....I am reading the latest Administrator
guides now.

Matthew Shrewsbury, MCSE+Internet MCSE 2000 CCA

Network Administrator

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From: Cornfield, Scott [mailto:Scott.Cornfield@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 10:08 AM
To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [THIN] Re: Web Interface 2.0

You can have your Secure Gateway and Nfuse / Web Interface on the one
server. Install your SSL cert on this server and put it in your DMZ,
only allow access to port 443 on the CSG.

The only issue here is that you have an additional server which acts as
a Secure Ticket Authority to support the CSG - the STA should sit
outside the DMZ beside the farm. You have the option of letting the CSG
talk to the STA on port 80, or you can install a SSL cert on the STA as

You can publish you application with standard security settings, as the
CSG will encrypt all the traffic using 128 bit SSL. The users never need
to connect directly to the farm servers.




From: thin-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:thin-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] On
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Sent: 04 August 2004 14:29
To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [THIN] Web Interface 2.0

I am slightly out of touch with Citrix XP Web Interface (I have used
NFuse not Web Interface). My goal is to have a company portal all users
can hit both internal and external to access Citrix applications.


1) Single web server running Windows 2003, IIS6 and Citrix Web

2) Purchase SSL cert to secure all web traffic to and from Citrix Web

3) Open 1494 ports into to each Citrix server from the internet.

4) Configure Web Interface for "128Bit only" for ICA traffic


1) Do I need secure gateway? What is secure gateway all about?

2) Can I configure Citrix Web Interface to force "128bit only" for
external users and only use "128bit logon only" for internal users? I
don't want to publish applications twice.

I was planning to read up on this but now I have been told this needs to
be done right now...(my manager never sticks to the schedule).

Thanks for any help!!!

Matthew Shrewsbury, MCSE+Internet MCSE 2000 CCA

Network Administrator

Coscan Homes LLC

C 5555 Anglers Avenue, Suite 1A

     Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33312

*   Direct 954.620.1052

* mshrewsbury@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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