[THIN] WIn 2012 RDS - suppressing "RemoteApp Disconnected" message?

  • From: Michael Leone <oozerdude@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "ntsysadm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <ntsysadm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 10:22:05 -0400

If a user has a published RemoteApp open on one machine, and then they
go to a second machine, sign into RDS and go to run an app (any app,
not just the one running on machine #1), machine #1 shows a message
about how

Your Remote Desktop Services session has ended

Another user connected to the remote computer, so your connection was lost.

Now, using Citrix, the users do not see any such notice; the app just
silently disappears from machine #1 and shows up on machine #2.

How can I get that same silent behavior with Win 2012 RDS? I don't
want to see any such disconnection message on machine #1, I just want
the app to disappear (as it does on Citrix), and open at the same
place on machine #2..

Is that possible?

(yes, ideally I'd like the users to remember to sign out of the app on
machine #1 before moving location to machine #2. However, life isn't
ideal. :-))
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